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Who we are?

Great works is always
based on perfect relationships.

Your integrated Scientific & Business Excellence Partner for Registering, Accessing, Distributing, Promoting and Marketing Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Products in Middle East & Africa region including services providing for all life sciences companies.


Be the leading Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Company in Middle East & Africa Region


To provide novel therapeutic solutions in niche disease areas, market access strategies and sustainable business solutions, while improving patient care and quality of life in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.


Our core business is to make affordable new therapies to patients in the MENA region either by Managed Access Program (Expanded Access, Early Access) and Established & newly approves biodrugs or medical technologies

About Us

CEO Messages

Dr. Mohamed Hosni STA Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

On behalf of your colleagues, we welcome you to ACEDRA and wish you every success here and with us.

At ACEDRA, we believe that each employee contributes directly to the growth and success of the company, and we hope you will take pride in being a member of our team.

In addition all of our capabilities are under the services of our partners not only to fulfill and honor the agreed duties but also to ensure sustainably all the success in all its aspects.

We are a company that not only provide flawless technical performances but also provide a unique culture where innovation, dedication and accountability are in the services of patients and the life sciences industries as well. We believe that professional relationships are easier when everybody is aware of the culture and values of the organization.

We hope that your experience here and your business with us will be challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding.

Again, welcome!

Our History

AcedrA At a Glance

Saudi Company Founded in October 2017, licensed in December 2017 and First Operation in January 2018

Got 2 offices: HQ KSA and Satellite Office in Tunisia, Covering the whole MENA extend to sub-Saharan African Countries

Profitable Company since the starting year, Average Net Profit of the past 3 years: 11.3%

Very Low Liabilities with Good Risk Management System

Good Financial Ratios: 2 digits EBITDA in all years of activity, good ROE, ROI and ROA

Total Bank facilities expected by the end of September 2021, +47 million SAR to cover the supply

Combined sales till today +65 million SAR and the Projects awarded from NUPCO & JHAH (Opened POs) +120 million SAR to be executed this year and the next year

Opened & Active Quotations of +900 millions SAR, expecting 10% of them as POs this year

Receivables within the government +6 million SAR as of Today

Growing portfolio of Innovative Drugs & Branded Generics

Dynamic Pipeline reaching high assets and candidates succeeding Ph2 Clinical Trials

Highly Solicited for Partnerships and Licensing, Acquiring new Molecules and Marketing Rights

Highly Processed Company with strong QMS and compliance process

Culture based on the discipline, commitment and values of AcedrA: Selecting Talents and Career Programming

Have a clear Vision and flexible to switch to AcedrA 2.0 as a hybrid organization affording expertise in the sector and in the MENA region

Strong and updated database about the potential life sciences industries with valuable candidates

Growing network of customers and hospitals in the MENA region

Investing in the capabilities of AcedrA locally, regionally and internationally

Aiming to be the first real Comparator sourcing covering even the clinical trials in the region

High Operational & Commercial Effectiveness by succeeding in importing more than 800 times in the past 3 years with an average of 1 importation per day


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